What We Promise

Performance Features

Low Personal Effort

We guide you through the entire process and coordinate the experts needed for planning, implementation, and operation of your charging location.

Tailored Solutions

We cater to your needs. Your specific requirements, local conditions, and our expertise come together to form a customized concept.

Best Terms

We negotiate attractive terms for you and represent your interests from initiation to commissioning of the charging location.

Our Specialty

Fast Charging Solutions

Nexus Property Partners supports the mobility transition by developing tailored electrification and charging solutions for property owners. The solutions that we arrange are customized to meet your specific location requirements and are designed to be future-proof.

Charging stations for electric vehicles are generally categorized into slower AC charging stations and the more powerful DC charging stations:

AC Charging Stations use alternating current (AC), which must be converted to direct current (DC) before the battery can accept it. With a typical charging power of up to 22 kW, it takes several hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. Charging 100 km of range usually takes 1-2 hours. Therefore, AC charging stations are mainly used where vehicles stay longer (e.g., private parking spaces, employee parking lots, parking garages, public parking areas).

DC Charging Stations use direct current (DC), which the battery can accept directly, allowing charging capacities from 23 kW to over 350 kW. These are divided into fast charging stations (23-150 kW) and ultra-fast HPC stations (High-Power Chargers, >150 kW). Fast charging stations can charge an electric vehicle up to 80% in under 30 minutes, and 100 km of range in about 5 minutes. Thus, DC charging stations are ideal for locations with shorter dwell times (e.g., retail areas, highways, restaurants).

Fast charging stations thus provide significantly higher power than regular charging stations, resulting in much shorter charging times for electric vehicles.

Our Role

We arrange

  • Fast and ultra-fast charging solutions for electric vehicles

  • Attractive and competitive lease offers

  • Comprehensive, well-conceived complete solutions

  • Charging infrastructure with or without own investment
  • External investors & charge point operators (CPOs)

  • Long-term lease agreements (up to 30 years)

  • Specialized tax and legal experts


Graphic 1: Development of E-Mobility: Number of Electric Cars in Germany

Source: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), 1. January 2024

Graphic 2: Car Registration in Germany

Source: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), 2024

Graphic 3: Vehicle Fleet in Germany, Passenger Cars

* The current year may include less than 12 months, unlike previous years, which may make the growth appear smaller.

Sources: Commissioning according to the list of charging stations (“Liste der Ladesäulen”), Last updated: March 21, 2024;, Nationale Leitstelle Ladeinfrastruktur

Become part of the mobility transition and participate in a growth market with your commercial properties

Nexus Property Partners® supports the mobility transition by developing and implementing tailored and well-conceived electrification and charging solutions for property owners. The solutions that we arrange are customized to meet your specific site requirements and are designed to be future-proof and economically attractive.