We arrange charging solutions

for property owners, for real estate, for people, for the future

nexus property partners is your independent partner in the search for a suitable investor for charging solutions on commercial properties. With our deep understanding of the market and many years of experience, we understand the general and specific challenges in implementing charging solutions and develop well thought-out options for action for property portfolio holders. Our drive is to accelerate the mobility transition and help shape the ramp-up of the charging infrastructure for electric mobility in Germany.

The aim of our activities is to identify business potential in the field of real estate electrification and to implement it profitably. We connect people and create trust through industry know-how, negotiating skills and professionalism. In this way, we develop attractive solutions and concepts and optimize economic value creation – for property owners, for real estate, for people, for the future.

In a nutshell

Our services

  • We arrange modern charging solutions without any effort on the part of the property owner

  • We represent the interests of the property owner
  • We find the right partner
  • We know the scope for negotiation
  • We offer attractive conditions
  • We coordinate the implementation process

Fast-charging stations, PV systems, wind turbines and innovative storage solutions should be conceptualized together. The more holistic the requirements analysis, the better integrated the solution. The result: an economically and ecologically well thought-out setup, rapid implementation and a notable step forward on sustainability. We offer you a one-stop solution: expertise, brokerage services, financing models, subsidies or suitable investors or tenants.

Our corporate philosophy

Connection creates value

The aim of our activities is to discover business potential in the field of real estate electrification and to implement it profitably. We create trust through market knowledge, negotiating skills and professionalism. We connect people, penetrate complex tasks and generate value. The results are attractive concepts and innovative solutions for property owners, cooperation partners and investors.

Through an analytical approach, carefully selected cooperation partners and conscientious action, we aim to constantly exceed customer expectations. Under the principle of value-based management, we work systematically, focusing on solutions and looking beyond the horizon.

Through our focus on scalable business activities, solid contractual foundations and recurring cash flows, we guarantee value creation through the services we provide and broker. Our thinking and actions are long-term, cooperative and based on partnership. This enables us to generate synergies for our customers and business partners, here and now and for the future.

We treat each other with respect and appreciation. The combination of personal responsibility and a performance culture offers individual development opportunities. Thanks to a positive error culture and practiced tolerance, we also master complex tasks and thus increase our joint success.